Siberian Tiger Habitat, Facts And Information

Siberian Tiger Many tigers are killed for different purposes. Today, most of the tiger species are endangered and some of these tiger species have become extinct. In this article you will read about one of  the Endangered species of tiger and the largest tiger subspecies named Siberian Tiger. The Siberian tiger is also known as… Read More »

Sumatran Tiger Facts And Pictures

Sumatran Tiger  Many of us believe that  Tigers are symbol of strength and bravery. Due to our cultures and old beliefs the tigers are killed and hunted by many people for different purposes. The tiger species are endangered and some of them have become extinct. In this article you will read about one the smallest… Read More »

Giraffe Facts And Photos

Giraffe Giraffes are identified by their long necks, equally long and spindly legs and spotted coats. Most Giraffes have a tan, white or yellow coats that are spotted with brown, square shapes. They are mainly Found in Africa. Height And Weight A Giraffe’s Neck is 5 feet long and weighs about 500 lbs.. These animal’s… Read More »

Southern Black Racer Snake Facts

Southern Black Racer Snake Southern Black Racers (coluber constrictor priapus) are a common subspecies of the coluber constrictor. These snakes are nonvenomous and found throughout much of the Southeastern USA, including most of Florida. Besides the Southern Black Racer, there are ten other subspecies of coluber constrictors. The scientific name “constrictor” is misleading in some… Read More »

Tiger Interesting Unique Facts

Tiger Tigers are the largest cats in the world. However, the size of each particular subspecies depends on several factors like habitat, climate, food, prey and so on. Tigers have a body design that allows them to move along gracefully. They are also incredibly fast when it comes to hunting their prey or getting themselves… Read More »

Viper Snake Hd Pictures

Viper Snake Viper Snakes are mainly found in America, Africa and Eurasia. They are basically of Southern Canada. Viper Venom contains a Protein Degrading Enzymes called “Proteases” which is injected and shows the symptoms of Pain, Local Swelling and Necrosis of Muscles which lead the impaired or loss of work of Diaphragm leads Dyspnea (Breathing… Read More »

Northern Water Snake Facts

                                    NORTHERN WATER SNAKE The Northern Water Snake are  large non-venomous snakes and most common water snakes, native to North America. Northern Water Snakes are widely found in Central And Eastern North America.  They are seen from Ontario to Quebec, Texas and Florida.Northern Water Snakes are considered as invasive species to the California. The… Read More »