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Boa Constrictor Snake Facts, Diet, Habitat

Boa Constrictor Snake  Scientific Name:-  Boa constrictor Facts:- Boa constrictor is a close relative of anaconda. It can be found in South and Central America. Boa constrictor lives in variety of habitats: deserts, tropical rain forests, savannas and areas near human settlements. It can also survive at different altitudes. Boa constrictor is known as one… Read More »

King Snake California Facts

King Snake California The California King snakes (Lampropeltis getula californiae) are nonvenomous snakes.These snakes are the most common snakes found in North America. The kingsnakes are named as because they sometimes eat other snakes like king Cobra snake eats. King snake California are popular pets and common snakes of captivity. King snake California is member… Read More »

Experience With Chinese Cobra Facts

Chinese Cobra Chinese cobras are a medium-sized, highly poisonous species of cobra snakes belonging to the Elapidae family, occurring in southern China and in some neighboring countries and islands. They are terrestrial, diurnal and crepuscular. They are known to be very aggressive and alert. BODY FEATURES The Chinese Cobras are medium sized snakes.The average length… Read More »

Indian Cobra Pictures

Indian Cobra Indian Cobra is the most dangerous snake of India killing around 10,000 people per year. They are found mainly in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan  and Sri Lanka. This Species is easily Identified by its large and Unique Hood which is extended while threatened. Characteristics And Poison The Indian cobra is a venomous… Read More »