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 Akhal Teke Introduction and Origin The Akhal Teke horse breed is originally from Turkmenistan and is a national emblem of Turkmenistan. This breed is Featured on bank notes and stamps of Turkmenistan. Akhal Teke Horses are well famous for the great stamina, athleticism, hardiness, stunning look and speed in racing. The unique feature by which… Read More »

99+Akhal-Teke Horse Facts, Colors, Information and Price

akhal teke horse breeds hd wallpaper and for sale uk @ world The Akhal-Teke is mainly originated from the Turkmenistan. They are a national sign in the Turkmenistan. An Akhal-Teke horse was reputed for their speed, sufferance, unique metallic shine and intelligence. Akhal-Teke horses are known as a golden horse because of their metallic shine. Akhal-Teke is adapted… Read More »