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By | April 8, 2017

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The Kathiyawari Horse comes from Kathiawar region from Western India. It is bred for war horse in Deserts or rough territory & also uses for Long distance journey in a rough area.

Kathiawari Horse-festival in India

It is same as a Marwari Horse Breed or we can say that both are closely related horses. The Marwari Horse and Kathiawari horse both are breeding by Importing Arab stallion horse.

India, Rajasthan, rider on a rearing Kathiawari horse

The Kathiawari horse is not available in Black colour. They are popular for battle horses and cavalry mount riding. Today, a kathiawari horses known for riding horse, harshness, sports, and shows.

kathiawari horse price

History of Kathiawari horse breeding

The kathiawari horse breeding history is unknown. In the early 16th century, there is a Native horse in western India. When the turkey Mughal warrior comes in India they are doing the cross breeding with Arab Horse.

Kathiawari Horse Info, Origin, History, Pictures
The modern kathiawari horse’s parent horses are Indian native horse and Arab horse. They can live in any climate and at less stock of food. They are known for their honesty and bravery in war.

Characteristics of Kathiawari Horse

Kathiawari horse holds average Height 147cm. the Kathiawari horses hold different colours such as, Bay, Grey, and Dun. Dun horses hold zebra stripes and white marks on their body.

Images for kathiawari horse

Some kathiawari horses hold a grey marks on their body. It is rarely available. The Kathiawari horses hold an extrovert straight profile. They hold extensive forehead & their body and neck is huffy but, short in look.

kathiawari horse photos

The Kathiawari Horse holds high neck and tail.Their ears are curved. It is known for their intelligence and soundness. They are high-spirited, sharp minded, and warm-hearted.


average 147 cm.


Average 247 Kg.








good performer at Cavalry mount

war horse

harness racing



3,50,000 Neg

kathiawari horse facts

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