Unknown Killer Whale Habitat,Facts,Size And Weight

By | March 30, 2017

killer whale attacks size habitat diet information

Orca is the scientific name of killer whale. Generally they are not attack on human being. They are attacking to the nautical animal such as, Sea lions and whale. The killer whale is finding the diad in the air and sea-shore. They are always hunting at sea shore or in air. To kill their prey by their stronger teeth this is 4 inches longer.

killer whale facts

Killer whale is included in mammals. It is known for their Long dorsal fins. Behind the dorsal fin hold patch of grey colour i.e. known as saddle. The killer whale’s body look like a cylindrical and tapers.

It is a largest number species in dolphin family. It is weight up to 5,443 Kg. they grows up to 32 feet.

killer whale habitat


In sea worlds, killer whales live in oceans around the costal countries. They can live easily in any climate. They don’t live in one region. They like to travel for long distance journey in sea. They can live at equator, north South Pole region. They are travelling whole journey waters off mode. They can terminate about 2000 Km.

killer whale diet


The Killer whale is living in group of 40 members is called pods. In the Dolphin family, there are two type of pods. A resident pods i.e. not more Aggressive and they prefer fish for food. Second one is Transient pods is a aggressive and they using Marine mammals as a food.

killer whale attacks


Scientific Name Orcinus Orca
Mass/Weight Female – 5400 Kg.
Male – 2700 Kg.
Life Span Female – 29 Years
Male – 17 years
Food Sea Mammals
Sea turttle
Sea Bird

killer whale size

Aliment/ Food:

The Killer Whale peak trapper. at top food chain. Killer whale eat Sea bird, octopus, squid, turtles, sharks, and fish. They use marine mammals as food. They also eat Moose as per sea world.

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