Short Beaked Common Dolphin Facts, Population and HD Pictures

SHORT BEAKED COMMON DOLPHIN As the name says it, the Short Beaked Common Dolphin is the commonest dolphin found in oceans worldwide. These dolphins are found in the Pacific ocean, the Atlantic ocean and in small population in the Indian ocean.These common dolphins are found in large quantity around the U.K. and In Black Sea.… Read More »

44+Pictures and Wallpapers of Mustang Horse

Mustang Horse HD Wallpapers   Click here: wild horses photos free The Mustang Horse was found in United States and descended this stallion to America from Spanish. By the American Bureau of Land Management, is the organization in charge of managing the Wild Population which is controversial and among those species most of are never… Read More »

Long Finned Pilot Whale Facts, Attack, Population and HD Pictures

LONG FINNED PILOT WHALE Long Finned Pilot Whales are large dolphins found in the Subpolar Oceans, Atlantic and Antarctic Oceans. Long Finned Pilot Whales are members of large dolphin family, scientifically named as Globecephala melas. The genus Globecephala has two subspecies, long finned and short finned pilot whales. As the name indicates, these dolphins have… Read More »

Chinese White Dolphin Unique Facts,Information, Threats, HD Wallpapers

CHINESE WHITE DOLPHIN FACTS INFORMATION & HD PHOTOS The Chinese White Dolphin is a well known Humpback Dolphin found in Southeast Asia and Australia. This dolphin is famous for its joyful leaps out of water. The unique feature of this Sousa chinesis chinesis subspecies is its pinkish white color. One would be surprised to know… Read More »

Dartmoor Pony Horses Unique facts, HD Wallpapers and Sale

Dartmoor Pony Horse (Introduction, facts and characteristics) Dartmoor Pony Horses have lived in South western England and used in discipline. Due to its excellent stamina and power they can survive in any extreme conditions. Till 1930’s,  The number of this variety was 26000 approximately but declined about 5000 numbers presently. They have strong and broad… Read More »

Hackney Horse Facts, HD wallpapers and History View

HACKNEY HORSE (Introduction) The Hackney Horse breed has originated in England. Due to their stunning look, heavy built, nice pace, discipline and style; These Hackney Horses have gained greater fame worldwide. The most eye-catching feature of this horse breed is its high stepping trot with great elegance.                                     HISTORY VIEW The hackney horse breed was… Read More »

55+ HD Pictures, Wallpapers, Swim Events and Unique Facts of Chincoteague Pony Horse

                     CHINCOTEAGUE PONY HORSE Have you heard about CHINCOTEAGUE PONY SWIM? The most interesting and famous fact of the Chincoteague Pony Horses ,the wild horses  is the Pony Penning Festival, The  annual swim of these pony horses from CHINCOTEAGUE to ASSATEAGUE Islands. The Chincoteague Pony Horses are undomesticated horses living on… Read More »