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By | April 26, 2017

Shire horse information pictures and photos

Shire horse mainly originated in the England. It is known as draught horse breed. It is the tallest breed. The shire horses are usually seeing in black and bay color. This breed is draught breed horse so, they are easily carrying weight. This horse breed is using into riding, forestry, and promotion activity.

shire horse colors

Breeding history of Shire horse

In the early 1700s, the live stock breeder Robert Blackwell was started breeding of the Shire horse. There is one estimation says that the shire stallion horses are sightless horses. The Old English black horse and Friesian horse are a great parent horse for the Shire horse. The Friesian horse is imported from Netherland.

shire horse information

Characteristics of Shire horse

It is known as draught horse. It is usually being black, bay, and gray in colour. Sometime they hold a roan and chestnut colour. They have average 68 inches. The mare is 64 inches heightened. The Shire horse average 1100 Kg. weighted..

shire horse weight

country of origin England
Scientific name Equua caballus


approximately 1100 Kg.


approx.  64 to 68 inches.


Bay, Black, Gray
Characteristics Long and thin head,

Large eyes,

Arched neck

Muscular short back

Broad chest, deep hindquarter,

Wide hindquarter

Uses Carrying weight

Forestry work

Riding horse


About 25,000$

Physical appearance

Shire Horse Breed

They have a long and thin head, large eyes, long and arched neck, and short but muscular back. They are keeping broad hindquarter, broad chest, deep and wide shoulders.
On their legs, they are having hair & it is a mark of their ancestry. The hair exists on legs is silky & straight.

shire horse colors

Uses of a Shire horse

The shire horses are used for carrying the weight of carts in a brewery. Some brewery is following this tradition. It is delivering carts of brewery since the early 1800s to 1920.
Now-a-day, the shire horses use for spare time riding and forestry related work.

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