Southern Right Whale Dolphin Facts & Photos That You Must Know

By | March 27, 2017

Facts about Southern right Whale Dolphin

The southern whale Dolphin is small and leptin subspecies of mammals lives in cool water at southern hemisphere.

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It is not holds dorsal fins. They hold more white marks on their heads and sides. The southern right whale dolphin has a slim and thin body. They holds a upper side black colour and beneath white color.

They hold a white coloured, small and curved flipper. They hold small flukes, introvert trailing edges, and notch in middle part of the body. They hold small but discrete beaks. A Southern right whale Dolphin has about 49 teeth in each raw of both chops.

southern right whale dolphin

The distribution range of the southern right whale dolphin is subtropical to subantractic southern hemisphere sea. Population estimation or any study is not done in the case of southern right whale dolphin, but there is large number of southern right whale dolphin in western coasts of South America, where they are targeted for whaling operations.

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It is shown as abundant in the coast of New Zealand and South America. It is travelling in group of 52 to 1000 fishes. 

Characteristics of Southern right whale Dolphin

They hold ingoodorder body, defined beak. Their teeth are not visible & single blowhole. They hold a black and white color with white undersides. They are fast swimmers and they do not hold dorsal fins.

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The newborn calf of Southern right whale dolphin is holding length about 39 inches. The Adult fish is holding length between 5 ft to 9 ft. female fishes slight longer than Male fishes. They hold weight between 60 to 100 kg.

Scientific Name  Lissodelphis peronii
Length  calf – 39 inches.
Adult – 5 ft to 9 ft 
Weight  Adult – 60 to 100 Kg. 
Food  Fish

Behaviour of Southern right whale Dolphin

The southern right whale Dolphin looks attractive when they move by leaping out from the water.   

The southern right whale dolphin is showing little part of head and back area of the body to take breathe. They always live in groups and the group member is lies between 2 to 100.     

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