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Rhinoceros Facts, Colors, Diet, Habitat And Hd Wallpapers

Rhinoceros Rhinoceroses are the largest land mammals after the Elephant. There are five species of Rhinos, two African and three Asian. Their position was changed from Endangered to susceptible, but the species are still poached for its horn. In Africa, Southern white rhinos, once thought to be destroyed, now thrive in protected sanctuaries and are… Read More »

Golden Poison Frog Poison, Habitat, Diet And HD Pictures

GOLDEN POISON FROG Scientific Name:-   Phyllobates terribilis Common Name:-   Golden Poison Frog Type:-   Amphibians Lifespan:-   10 years Diet:-   Carnivores Size:-   1 inch Weight:-   1 Ounce The Golden Poison Frogs are considered to be the most poisonous frogs in the world. A bigger Species of this group has enough Poison  to kill Ten human. In… Read More »